This article helps our Volunteer Squad keep the database clean and consistent! It pertains to members who have Contributor access and above. If you're interested in getting involved, read more about joining the Squad here. We'd love to have you aboard!

We have a Facebook group for members of the Volunteer Squad to ask questions and collaborate on their work. We also post regular updates and official announcements. 

We would like every Squad member to join this group so we can all keep in touch and more effectively work together!

Join the group!

If you haven't joined the group yet, please do! You can find it here:

If you would like to introduce yourself, please only do so when you ask your first question or comment on something else (we try to keep the posting numbers down so that it does not drown the audience or take over your Facebook feed too much).

Not on Facebook?

That's okay. We'd love to have you join the community there, but we also understand that there are many reasons why people try to stay away from Facebook. We send out semi-regular Squad Newsletters with all the most important updates so you won't get left behind!

We have plans to eventually move this Squad community away from Facebook to a private forum on hobbyDB. We hope you'll join us there when it's ready!