Selling on the hobbyDB marketplace means that you can take advantage of our quick listing process by listing through the database, our inventory management system and our Facebook promotion tools. However, if you are an active seller on multiple marketplaces such as eBay, Facebook or elsewhere, we realize that costs are an even more important driver. Hence we now offer 12-month fixed price packages for Sellers new to hobbyDB allowing you to sell as much as you like with access to unlimited Tokens.

Prices are based on the amount of exposure we can provide you with. They also reflect the areas where we would like to expand the database and grow inventory.

Here are our Unlimited Token / All-You-Can-Sell Subscriptions -

This pricing is for up to 5,000 items listed on hobbyDB. If you have more, please contact us directly to chat. You can also read about our Custom Stores see here.  

Not ready to commit on a monthly basis? You can still pay as you go with Tokens. Find out more about Token pricing here.