This article helps our Volunteer Squad keep the database clean and consistent! It pertains to members who have Contributor access and above. If you're interested in getting involved, read more about joining the Squad here. We'd love to have you aboard!

Every week our Squad Members put on their finest armor and grab their swords to go on a noble Quest! Instead of slaying a dragon, they’re staring down a fight with missing data on hobbyDB.

We post new Quests on our Facebook Squad page on Wednesdays (we also email it to Squad Members who prefer that). These tasks can range from adding new items to fill out a Series, to updating images or UPCs, and more. Squad Members can simply choose their Quest by letting us know in the comments section or via email and then have 24 hours to complete the Quest.

And for every Quest completed, there are new Badges to make that member's Showcase look even more regal!