We have an importer that allows the import of Database Items via CSV.  Please contact us if you have data that you want to have uploaded in this way and we will send you the right type of CSV format.

Common Fields across all Database Types

These are valid Headers for any Database Item Type  -

  • User ID (the user who is adding the data)
  • Database Item Type ID (we can provide this)
  • Name
  • AKA
  • Variant Identifier (this variants Database Items automatically on upload)
  • Description
  • Brand
  • Series
  • Scale
  • Production Status
  • Produced Dates
  • Reference #
  • UPC
  • Manufacturer ID
  • Market ID (generally not needed)
  • Original Site ID (generally not needed)
  • Photo URLs (the importer can import images from URLs as long as those are freely accessible via the web; it will make the first image the Main Photo).

Specific Database Item Type Fields

Each type has its own attributes (for example Decoy the Species it is based on and PEZ Dispensers the type of foot they have).  We will provide you all the information on these.

Here for example the Database Item Type Action Figures  -

Related Subjects

  • Sculptor
  • Depicts
  • Related People/Characters
  • Related Team/Organization
  • Related Media

Production Details

  • # Produced
  • Made In


  • Gender
  • Material
  • Color
  • Features
  • Points of Articulation
  • Accessories
  • Packaging
  • Package Language
  • Instructions Included?
  • Instruction Language


  • Figure Height
  • Box Height
  • Box Depth
  • Box Width
  • Weight

Below are some example CSVs.