Each order is called a "Cart". As a Seller you can find your Carts by going to Selling > Carts.

This is where you can:

Set Cart Status

To change the Status of a Cart (say mark it as Shipped), select the Carts you want to change by clicking the sliders in the left-hand column, then click the Batch Actions button and Update Status

NOTE:  The Status can only be seen by the Seller.

Select a Status from the drop-down list, then click OK. You can set the Status to one of the following options:

  • Paid & Not Shipped
  • Shipped
  • Return Requested
  • Returned & In Dispute
  • Returned & Refunded
  • Not Returned & Partial Refunded
  • Not Returned & Refunded
  • Other

View Cart Details

To view a cart, click the link in the Cart Number column or click Actions > View Cart

The Cart view page has several sections:

  • Cart Information (dates, status, prices, etc.)
  • Tracking Numbers
  • Buyer Information
  • Comments (only visible to Seller)
  • Items Sold

The page also has buttons at the top right to add/edit tracking numbers, leave feedback for the buyer, or contact the buyer.

Add Shipping Details

To add Shipping Details for a Cart from the main Carts page, click the Add Shipping Details link in the Tracking Numbers column or click Actions > Add Shipping Details.

You will be taken to an "Edit Tracking Numbers" page with buttons to Add New Tracking Number or Mark Shipped without Tracking. Click the Save button when done.

Contact the Buyer

To send a message to the buyer, click Actions > Contact Buyer

You will be taken to a page where you can write a message to your buyer. When they reply, you will receive an email notification and see a red dot on the blue messages icon at the top of the screen.

Download and print a Packing Slip

You can download a packing slip for the Cart as a PDF, which you can then save or print. Click Actions > Packing Slip to see a preview, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the blue "Download as PDF" button to download the file.

Filter Carts

The right-hand hand side of the page has a Filters sidebar that you can use to find a specific Cart or see Carts matching certain criteria.

You may notice filters for "Direct" and "Legacy" Cart/Status. All orders placed since 9 February 2021 are Direct Carts (meaning you, the seller, get paid directly). If you don't have any Carts created before 9 February 2021 you can ignore the "Legacy" filters and use only the "Direct" filters.