Tokens are required to post items for sale on any hobbyDB powered marketplace. In order to list items for sale, your token account balance must be greater than zero (if your Token Account Balance is zero, you'll be prompted to purchase additional Tokens if you attempt to sell an item).  You can always check your balance and each of your listing and associated Token spend in your Token Balance.

Listing an Item for Sale

This will cost you the amount in Column 1.

Example. You list an item for $8.50.  This will fall under the band for $10 or less and cost you 50 Tokens  -

Listing Quantities of the Same Item

If you are listing multiple quantities of the same item, the cost will be the total dollar amount for the listing. 

Example. You list 3 different models at $30 each.  That would cost you 3x 200 Tokens, so 600 Tokens -

Compared to you list 1 model with a Quantity of 3 at $30 each.  The listing would be for a computed price of $90 (3x $30) and would cost you 300 Tokens -

Editing Listings or Adjusting Prices

If you lower the price of a listing, there will be no additional charge. If you decide to increase the price of a listing, you will be only charged tokens for the difference.

Example 1.  You offered an item for sale at $50 and paid 200 Tokens for the listing.  You now double the price to $100.  Listing an item for $100 would cost 300 Tokens and as you had already spent 200 Tokens you would be only charged the different, here 100 Tokens.

Example 2. You are offering a 20% discount on all of your inventory for 3 days and then revert back to normal prices. There would be no cost. 

Pausing or Deleting Listings

You can pause or cancel your listings from within your Seller Dashboard. Listings are valid for 180 days, whether or not you pause the listing.

Relisting Listings

If you set your item to relist automatically after 180 days it will cost 20% of the initial cost.  Find the details here.