Tokens are purchased and used like currency, but only for listing items for sale on hobbyDB-powered marketplaces.


How much do Tokens cost?

Buy Now and Buy Now & Best Offer

Tokens cost one cent each before quantity discounts.

Best Offer Only

To mark your listing as Best Offer Only, there is a flat fee of 50 tokens per item. We will be experimenting with this price over time to ensure it remains fair for everyone.

Token Pricing

CostNumber of TokensQuantity Discount
$101,000 Tokens
$505,500 Tokens(10% discount)
$10011,500 Tokens(15% discount)
$50060,000 Tokens(20% discount)
$2,500312,500 Tokens(25% discount)
$10,0001,300,000 Tokens(30% discount)

Number of Tokes to List Items for Sale

Item PriceTokensTokens to Relist *
≤ $1102
≤ $5306
≤ $105010
≤ $2510020
≤ $5020040
≤ $10030060
≤ $500500100
≤ $1,0001,000200
≤ $10,0001,500300
≤ $100,0005,0001,000
> $100,00010,0002,000
Best Offer Only5050

You will find several examples on the Listing Costs page.

* Items can be relisted manually or set to relist automatically after 6 months.

How do I purchase Tokens?

You can add tokens to your account at any time by clicking the Buy Tokens link in the Selling Menu (or click here).

Refund Policy

All token sales are final and are non-transferable. Tokens will expire after one year of purchase if there is no listing activity on a member’s account. That means if you make at least one listing per year, your tokens will not expire.