Is there an item you want to add to your Collection or Wish List that we do not have in the database and you are not (yet) a Creator?

Please check which of these items you have and go to the relevant section.


1. Requesting a missing Funko item

First, please search the database to make sure that we don’t already have the item in question. For newly released items, please wait a couple of days before you request the item. We have an active community and somebody may already be in the process of adding it! If it’s still missing after a few days, you can always come back to request it.

Next please - 

  • Search for the product on Include the URL of the product page in your request. (e.g.

  • If they don’t have the product in question, for example, if it’s an exclusive only sold through a different retailer, please go to the retailer page (Hot Topic, Entertainment Earth etc.), search for the product there and include the page URL as well

  • Any other page from big retailers like Amazon, Target or Walmart are also helpful, so include every page for the product you can find there as well

  • Only if the product is NOT featured on any retailer pages, please also include well-lit photos from all sides, preferably on a white background

  • Lastly, if possible, please include a link to a similar item on hobbyDB (maybe a variant, a different subvariant or one that depicts the same character) so we can process your request faster

2. Requesting an autographed or custom item

Have an autographed item or a custom in your collection that we don’t have listed in our database yet? Feel free to send us a message with the following information:

  • A link to the hobbyDB entry for the standard version of the item (i.e. non-autographed or the item a custom is based on). Please be sure to choose the correct Subvariant
    • This might not always apply to customs when they are made of parts from different items.

  • The name of the signer(s) and/or customizer with a link to their Subject page on hobbyDB.

  • Well-lit photos of the item on a white background, showing all sides of the item that have a signature or other writing, and the side(s) that show the UPC and any reference numbers.

3. Requesting any other Collectible

The best way to request an item is to send us a link to a product page on the brand's website (preferred!) or a retail website such as Amazon, Target, or Walmart (if the product isn’t present on the brand’s website anymore). This will generally give us most of the information we need to add the item to the database.

Please keep in mind that the more links you include, the better the item will look in the end!

In addition, please add any information that is not present on the product page but visible on the item at hand in your message (UPC, manufacturer codes etc.).

What if the product in question doesn’t have an online presence on any retailer site?

As a last resort, please take well-lit photos from all sides of the item, preferably on a white background to be used on the entry. Please make sure to send us the actual photos from your device to ensure proper quality! Screenshots will not be accepted. State anything you know about the product that isn’t immediately visible on the photos. If you’re missing the original packaging, search for the product on eBay (also include sold items and make sure you search worldwide) and send us the link to a listing that shows the item in packaging.

It might take a few days for the item to be up and for us to get in touch with you, but we will definitely let you know once it has been added :)