Is there an item you want to add to your Collection or Wish List that we do not have in the database and you are not (yet ) a Creator?

After double-checking that we do not have the item in the database yet please send us a message with the following information  -

  • Name of Item
  • Brand
  • Series
  • Release Date
  • Production Status (such thing as Autographed, Custom or Limited Edition)
  • Ref No
  • UPC Code (the barcode)
  • Anything else of interest
  • Photos (very important!)
  • IF AUTOGRAPHED - Please send signer name 

Don't forget this also works for autographed items, so definitely send us a message with all the information above and we'll add it to the datatbase.

It might take a few days for the item to be up and for us to get in touch with you, but we will definitely let you know once it has been added :)