Every hobbyDB member can help improve the database by reporting bad data on Database Items, Price Points and Subjects. The best way to do this is to submit flags wherever you see issues!

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To flag a Database Item, Subject, or Price Point, find the red flag icon (shown here below), click it, and fill out the requested information.

Red flag icon/button

Please give us as much information as possible, for example the reason why you think a Price Point should be removed, the URL and HDBID for a duplicate Database Item, or a description of which image you think should be removed. Again, the more details you can provide, the better!

NOTE: Please do not flag Price Points if you only feel like the price is too high or too low. Values go up and down over time and we strive to show those changes without bias, so we record legitimate sales no matter the selling price.

Please describe specifically what is wrong with the Price Point in as much detail as you can. For example, if the item in the sale was not near mint, describe where the damage is, and if an item is counterfeit, describe the details that don't match the legitimate version.

Please refer to our Price Point Quality Standards to learn more.

Flags will be reviewed by the hobbyDB team and then assigned to one of our Volunteer Squad members with expertise in the item's collectible segment. The assigned Squad member will review the flag and take the necessary action for resolution. They may reach out to you via the hobbyDB messaging system if they have questions or need more information.

For now you will not receive an automatic notification when your flags are resolved, but this is in the works. Please be patient with the Squad members and your flag will be resolved as soon as possible.

If the flag icon is gray with an orange info icon next to it, that means the Price Point has already been flagged and is awaiting review. If a Price Point has a green check mark instead of the flag icon, that means it was previously flagged, reviewed, and determined to be valid.

We started recording statistics on flags in November 2020. Here is where we are as of 7 March 2023:

Resolved Flags
Open Flags

We can always use more help adding new Price Points and other data to hobbyDB! If you're interested in getting involved, learn how from the Meet the Squad page!