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Not all information can live on hobbyDB, so if there are good articles or videos elsewhere on the web they can be added as External Links.



Please familiarize yourself with these rules before adding any external links on hobbyDB. 

Adding links that don't follow these rules to any page (including Database Items, Subjects, Showcases, Collectibles, Collectibles For Sale, and others)  is considered link spamming. Any member who engages in link spamming may receive a warning or immediate ban from hobbyDB.

  1. External links may not be added anywhere except in the External Links section on Database Items and Subjects.
    1. This rule also applies to @ references to accounts on Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms, even if they don't show up on the page as a hyperlink.

  2. All external links should be directly related to the Database Item or Subject the link is being added to (and not just mention the item or Subject in passing).

  3. Do not link to items for sale or to any page on external marketplaces (such as eBay, Whatnot, Mercari, etc.).

Additional Guidelines

  1. If the linked page is in a foreign language, the language should be added to the label, for example:
    • Article (in Spanish)
    • Forum Discussion (in German)
    • YouTube Review (in French)

  2. Consider linking to an archive of the page from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to prevent future link rot, especially for links to static pages where the content is unlikely to change significantly. You can archive a webpage by entering the URL in the Save Page Now box on

How to add External Links

Database Items

  1. On the Database Item page, click Edit, then click Links:
  2. Enter a Label and a URL for the External Link:
  3. If you are adding more than one link, click Add External Link to add another Label and URL field.

  4. When you are done adding External Links, click the Save Links button.


  1. On the Subject page, click Manage, then click Links:

  2. Enter a Label and a URL for the External Link:
  3. Click the Save Links button.

  4. If you have more links to add, repeat steps 1 through 3.