Price Points that we do not record (yet) Print

While we like to add all Price Points possible there are some that we cannot take yet (or ever).

Online Sales that are not confirmed and cannot be checked

While we would love to document prices that items were sold for on Facebook, Mercari or some of the 1,000 forums out there we would have no ability to cross-check them and would therefore have to rely solely on the reporter.  While the vast majority of our users would report prices correctly it would open the door for the small number of people that like to take advantage of others and would manipulate Estimated Value.

We might allow adding these prices as references without adding them to the calculation of the Estimated Value.

Prices paid in your Collection here on hobbyDB 

We plan to show these are reference points (but again given that we cannot confirm them not add them to the calculation of the Estimated Values).  This would also include prices you sold items privately for.  We might even add the ability for the buyer to confirm the transaction

Prices from Trusted Sellers that use 3rd Party Tools such as Shopify

We plan to extend our integration with sellers such 7 Bucks a Pop so that we can import prices paid on their items.  We are particularly interested if they sell not just the current items at retail prices.

The Intelligence of the Crowd (or Nudging)

We plan to allow members of the site to nudge values up or down.  This like many other of these Price Points is probably more valuable for rare items that otherwise would not have many or even any pricing data.  This would show who nudged the price how and would therefore be transparent.  Like other Price Points we will allow users to set by default if they want to see this type of data or not.

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