To be able to sell on hobbyDB you have to onboard with PayPal (basically given us the permission to have buyers pay you through the hobbyDB Check-Out).  

The Tutorial

And here Step-by-Step Instructions -

You can find the new Connect to PayPal button in the Seller Dashboard (go to Selling  >   Dashboard).

The button looks like this  -

It will open a secure PayPal popup that will allow you to connect your PayPal account with hobbyDB.  When finished you should see this screen  -

Once you do close the popup and refresh the Seller Dashboard using the browser's refresh button -

If it worked you should see a success message and the green tickbox -

and the new Message below the button reads "You are now connected and all set for the roll-out of our new Checkout!"


Here are a typical problem  -

  1. Your email is not confirmed with PayPal Account (here is PayPal's help page on how to confirm your email address. Other problems could be that.

  2. You use a different PayPal email address for onboarding than you added to your hobbyDB account (you can check that one here)

  3. You did not go through the complete onboarding (please see the video above)

  4. You revoked the permissions for hobbyDB in your PayPal account

If none of these resolve your problem please contact PayPal's Merchant Technical Support (we can unfortunately not help with these).