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We now have more than 80,000 Subject pages often including the same words. For that reason, we added some rules on how to select the right Subject for your item.

  1. A perfect fit will show first, here for example MBX for the "mbx" search (the search disregards capitals)  -

    It will do the same for 2 or more word combinations such as "Stirling Moss".

  2. If there is no direct hit it will first show the entry with the least words  -

  3. If a word or combination of words is used the Identifier will help to find the right Subject (for "Star Wars" it shows the Star Wars Subject first followed by a number of series that are called Star Wars) -

  4. The system will also search for Additional Keywords, so searching for "VW" will also find Volkswagen -

The system shows in what is calculates as the most likely fit and does not sort results in alphabetical order.