The best Price Points are confirmed market transactions where hard cash gets exchanged for a collectible. However, it's often hard to find such transactions, especially for very rare items. In these cases, a Member Estimate is helpful, particularly if the member making the estimate is knowledgeable about the item. Here's a great example for a one-off Hot Wheels car:

Member Estimates can also be helpful for common, inexpensive items that don't frequently change. Like Retail Prices, they add a base price point so that the item is added to a member's total collection value. Here the member doesn't have to be very experienced . An example would be this comic book:

Volunteer Squad members can add Member Estimates by clicking Price Points, then Add User Estimate on a Database Item page. If you made a mistake adding a Member Estimate you can go to the Curation > Dashboard > My Price Points and edit or delete it there.


  • As soon as a market transaction such as a hobbyDB, eBay or Auction House Price Point gets added to the Database Item any assigned Member Estimates will be hidden and excluded from the calculation of the Item's Estimated Value.

  • If more than one Member adds a Member Estimate it calculates Estimate Values using all those Values (again, only until a market transaction gets added).

  • Do not add Member Estimates to Database Items that you have an economic interest, such as items you are currently wanting to sell on hobbyDB or elsewhere or items that you made yourself.