Number of Digits

Having UPC codes on Database Items is important because they allow collectors to use the hobbyDB app to find items in the database very quickly. Over the years there have been barcodes with 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 16 digits and any of those can be added to an entry (anything less than 8 or more than 16 digits will be rejected).

Even though barcode labels show spaces between some digits, barcode scanners read the code as a single string of numbers. Because of that, when we enter UPCs on Database Items we don't use spaces or dashes.

Nowadays, the (mainly) North American 12-digit UPC and the European 13-digit EAN (like the one above) are the two most commonly used barcodes.

Please note that not every barcode is a UPC. For example, GameStop and Hot Topic use their own barcode stickers that they, unfortunately, place over the official UPC codes. Fortunately, those non-UPC barcodes can also be added to Database Items so our app can read them! Currently these can only be added by Creators and aren't visible on Database Item pages.

Shared UPCs

In some cases, Brands use one UPC for a number of different items. For example, all cars in a standard Hot Wheels case share the same UPC, and because of that a search for that UPC will show you all of the cars that share the same code. Another example is items packaged in Blind Boxes. A UPC search will find the blind-boxed item and that item in turn will show all Database Items that could be in it.

As an example, scanning the UPC on this Mega Construx Halo blind bag will bring up this page, which lists all the items that could come in that pack in the "Set Contains" section. If you've arrived at that page, just click on the specific item you're looking for to find its Estimated Value or add it to your collection or Wish List.

Alternate UPCs

Some items such as recent Hot Wheels cars and some Hard Rock Cafe pins can be found with two different UPCs but are otherwise identical. As long as there are no other differences besides the UPC, those can be added in the Alternate UPC field instead of being created as a Subvariant.

How to add UPCs

Members of our Volunteer Squad with the Contributor role and above can add UPCs to Database Items. Please see the Adding UPC Codes & Other Barcodes help page to learn how to do this.