Often Brands use two numbers.  Besides the reference number that collectors know, like and often make a central part of their collecting there is also a number that brands used to track their stock and retailers use to reorder.  For example, all Mattel products now have a five-digit Toy Number, here 52920  –

And here a Hasbro example (as for Mattel Hasbro’s are five digits, in this case, E1570) –

We, therefore, have a new field called Manufacturer ID.  If you add or edit a Database Item there will be an explanation for these two different reference number fields  –

Here for example the new Reference Number section for that Nissan above   –

Besides our own hobbyDB ID (HDBID) and the UPC that is used by our App we are currently testing, the reference numbers now have their separate fields which will allow sorting Series and other pages by Reference #.  For example, the series that the Nissan is part of can now be sorted like this  –

          Collector # 023/250, Series # 1/5 

          Collector # 024/250, Series # 2/5 

          Collector # 025/250, Series # 3/5 

          Collector # 026/250, Series # 4/5 

          Collector # 027/250, Series # 5/5