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The Tutorial

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Since we are dedicated to providing the best (and most) data possible, there will come times where you’ll want to add sold items you’ve found on eBay to a database entry. Let’s say you really like Batman and you want to add a bunch of sold items to a particular database entry. We’ve got a solution for that! Follow these easy steps to manually add a price point to a given database entry.

Step One: Find the eBay listing

To find sold item listings on eBay, you’re going to want to filter your original search results to only show those listings. You’ll start by searching for the item you want to work with and then take a look at the filters on the left side of the page. You’re going to scroll most of the way down to the section that says “Show only.” One of the options there will be “Sold Items,” and you’re on your way!

Step Two: Navigating the listing

First and foremost, please make sure that the sold item you’ve found meets all the criteria we expect for price points in the database (Mint condition, not more than one item per listing etc). You’re also going to want to pull the correct database entry up in a separate tab to make things easier for the next step. Once we’ve got those parts squared away, it’s a pretty simple process. You’re looking for the eBay Item Number, which can be found about halfway down the page (see below). Just copy that and we’re onto the next step.

Step Three: Adding the sold item to the database entry

It can help to have the destination database already open in another tab before you start the previous step. Navigate to the database entry and scroll down to the Action options (see photo).

The option you’re going to want to use is “Add eBay Sale.” Click that and all you have to do is paste the eBay Item Number into the field and click “Save.” That’s it! Remember that it can take some time for the price point to actually show up in the Sales History. If the price point has already been added, you’ll get an error indicating that it’s in the system (or already processing in the system).

NOTE.  Please do not add accepted Best Offers as we cannot know what they did sell for.