This list is documenting currently known bugs (not features, you can find planned features here). First for all users, and further down a list that only impacts members of the Volunteer Squad as well as Sellers and Store Owners. 

We strive to fix these issues as soon as we can.  Please report bugs that are not yet on this list.


General Bugs

  • Some eBay Price Points show future dates even if they are a valid completed transaction. This happens when the seller has more than one item for sale and not all items have sold. This is a bug in eBay's reporting and we have asked them to rectify this. (#6451)

  • Formatting inconsistencies in private messages (#7253).

  • The number of photos on a Database Item may appear over the description instead of under the photo on the Safari web browser (#7135).
    • Workaround: Reload the page.

  • The word "who" is ignored by search (#7119).

  • Estimated Value increase and decrease indicators on Showcase work inconsistently (#6964).

  • Expanding the Showcase "About Me" text adds space in the middle of a word (#6745).

  • Page formatting is scrambled when printed (#6719).

  • The banner slider on the home page can't be manually slid to the right (#6703).

  • Price Guide chart has display issues on Firefox (#6687).

  • Area for Filter tags not big enough in Database Items (#6580).

  • Screen "vibrates" when writing PMs (#6384).
    • This is only known to affect one user at the moment. Please let us know if you experience this so we can better investigate!

  • Wraparound text on Subject names is too limited on second line in Subject search results (#6375).

  • Responsive (mobile) layout issues on pages with batch editing tables, including Collection Management, Manage Database Items, Items for Sale, etc. (#8009).

  • Collectible image captions are hidden and/or show on the wrong image if the same caption is used on multiple images (#8008).
    • Workaround: Enter a unique caption for each image.

  • Removing filter doesn't refresh marketplace page (#7929).

  • Clicking out of filters on search makes scroll jump (#7901).

  • Marketplace "My ❤︎ Members: No" filter doesn't work (#7869).

  • Filtered items are duplicated after first page in marketplace (#7855).

  • A non-master Subvariant which has unique Related Subjects doesn't show on the Related Subjects' Subject page (#7716).

  • When you send a private message from a member's showcase you end up in your inbox instead of back at the member's showcase (#3035).

  • "Generic Items" filter in Collection Management can't be changed after being set (#6132).
    • Workaround: clear all filters.

  • Member names don't correctly capitalize on collection value chart (#6141).

  • Not all series appear in filter or work in Marketplace (#6282).

  • Some Database Items don't have a Main Photo set, which should happen automatically (#8057).

  • Valued Collectibles stat on Showcase not recalculating when new items are added to collection (#8155).

  • Can't save edits on Collectibles Sold Elsewhere (#8186).

  • Can't switch between search types without starting brand new search (#8169).

  • Infinite scrolling sometimes doesn't work anymore after loading lots of items (#8170).

  • Showcase: Number of Valued Collectibles is not recalculating (the Estimated Value is correct but the count of items is not) (#8155).

For the Volunteer Squad

  • Removing a Price Point does not automatically trigger an Estimated Value recalculation (#6887).
    • Workaround: Contact hobbyDB staff and ask them to push a recalculation of the item's EV.

  • "Edit Database Item Type" link shows on Manage Database Items table even if the user doesn't have the right role (Champion or above) but doesn't work (#7026).

  • The "Ever Revised By" filter in Manage Database Items will show the same item multiple times if the member has edited the Database Item more than once (#7070).

  • Database Item Revision History incorrectly attributes image type changes to the member who uploaded the photo (#7188).

  • The Price Point Statistics on the Curation Dashboard is not currently accurate and underreports. It also does not yet count Price Points added from sources other than eBay (#7310).

  • Subvariants don't show in Add Relationships after page 1 (#7550).

  • External links containing the # character can't be added to Database Items (#7551).

  • Released and Discontinued date for Database Items can't be the same day (#6527).

  • After saving a new Database Item as a Subvariant, it takes you to a search page with unrelated items (#6338).
    • Workaround: Wait a few seconds and refresh.

  • Error merging, varianting or subvarianting Database Items (#8027).

  • Subjects that an item inherits from its Subvariants when it's a Master Subvariant are not removed if its Master Subvariant status is removed, sometimes causing items to show in the wrong Subjects (#7981).

  • Problems adding first photos to Database Items (#7953).

  • Pressing enter doesn't work when selecting name of member to reassign assign flags to (#7902).

  • Subjects can be linked to themselves as a Parent Subject/Related Subject (#7975).

  • Squad members can't correct Retail Prices or Member Estimates (#5618).

  • Table views revert back to 30 when set to another number (#5683).

  • Mystery "Curation Action Failed" notifications (#5838).

  • When changing the type of a Database item the Series and Related Subjects are sometimes lost (#6161).

  • Pressing Enter might not submit filters on some pages such as 'Manage Database Items', 'Manage Subjects', and 'Manage eBay Price Points' (#8029).

  • Cannot edit Retail Price point because "Retail Price" is not an option in the Price Source list (#8092).

  • Merging requires data to be kept even if wrong (#8131).

  • Photos are deleted immediately instead of waiting until "Save" is clicked (#8148).

  • When a new Subvariant group is created inside a Variant group, only the master Subvariant is shown in Manage Database Items, all other Subvariants vanish (#8165).

For Buyers

  • Our checkout does not notify you if a seller is selling out of an item that you added to the Cart.  It will just be removed.

  • If you marked an item as Not Shipped and later receive it you cannot currently change the Status.
    • WORKAROUND: Please contact us.

  • Notification text changes for accepted best offer after purchase (#3063).

For Sellers

  • Email to buyers doesn't include Collection in Person information (#6833).

  • Breadcrumb not working for Feedback page (#6927).

  • Private Collectibles can be listed for sale, and Collectibles currently for sale can be set to Private. The item will still appear for sale in the Marketplace, but users will just see a "Private Collectible" message if they try to view the item (#7397).

  • Checkboxes not saved when editing an Item for Sale (#6572).

  • PayPal checkout—seller receives funds but the cart still shows as "Sent To PayPal" (#6510).

  • Cart error when an item for sale is changed to Best Offer Only (#6509).

  • Entering an ampersand character (&) in the Shipping Notes and Deal Notes fields on Marketplace listings causes all following text to be lost (#8056).

  • Actions > Sell Similar on the Sold Items page doesn't work (#8088).

  • Email with an offer for more than one item does not say quantity (#8090).

Recently Resolved

18 August 2022

  • Resolved an error that occurred when filtering scales and item release/discontinue years in the Marketplace (#8210).
  • Resolved an error that occurred when filtering by Storage Location in Collection Management.

12 August 2022

  • Resolved an error when trying to merge two items with identical relationships.


9 August 2022

  • Items listed for sale now immediately appear in the Marketplace (there was a delay before).
  • Members with more than 1,500 items in their Collections have to wait 24 hours or longer to see newly added Collectibles in Collection Management (#7342).

8 August 2022

  • 500 errors when sorting by Name or Estimated Value in Collection Management (#8176).
  • Major speed boost for the Manage Database Items page (#8151).

7 August 2022

  • Subject descriptions displaying twice (#8159).

24 July 2022

  • No ability to edit discount for an Item For Sale (#5732).

23 July 2022

  • Improvement for adding collectibles to lists—corrected spelling mistake and form is now often allowing faster input (good for large collections).

22 July 2022

  • Improvement to add to list button (#8058). Wider view now, selected lists show on top and works in Firefox (did not earlier).

20 July 2022

  • Default Shipping Groups were nonsensical (#7873). There is now only one default Shipping Group, "Request Shipping".
  • Marketplace filter for shipping region was not working (#8045).

19 July 2022

  • UI element overlap when adding Collectibles to lists (#8040).
  • Total Lifetime Seller Stats in Seller Dashboard weren't updating (#7291).
  • eBay Best Offer sales are no longer accepted by the Auction/Buy it Now sale form (#7740).
  • Subvariant Overview Page Variant Link wasn't creating a sharable URL (#8016).