This list documents currently known bugs that we plan to fix (not new features to come, you can find those here). First for all members, and further down lists of bugs that only impact members of the Volunteer Squad, buyers, or sellers. The number listed after each issue is our internal tracking number.

We strive to resolve "High Impact" issues within 1-2 business days and "Medium Impact" issues within 2 weeks. "Low Impact" issues generally don't have a scheduled resolution timeframe and will be addressed when we do other work on that part of the code. If you feel a bug categorized as Low Impact is a more significant issue, let us know and we'll see what we can do to get it fixed sooner! 

Please also let us know if you find a bug that isn't yet on this list. If you report a new bug you can earn a special Bug Spotter badge for your Showcase!


General Bugs

High Impact

  • Prototypes, Autographed items, Customs, and Errors often don't show in search or on Subject pages (#12054).

Medium Impact

  • Some users get an error (broken Superman) when logging in (#11949). Set as Mediumas there have been no new reports of this for more than 7 days.
    • If you experience this, let us know and we can help you get back into your account.

Low Impact

  • When you send a private message from a member's showcase you end up in your inbox instead of back at the member's showcase (#3035).

  • The "Generic Items" filter in Collection Management can't be changed after being set (#6132).
    • Workaround: clear all filters.

  • Member names aren't correctly capitalized on the collection value chart (#6141).

  • The banner slider on the home page can't be manually slid to the right on desktop (#6703).

  • Page formatting is scrambled when printed (#6719).

  • Estimated Value increase and decrease indicators on Showcase work inconsistently (#6964).

  • The word "who" is ignored by search (#7119).

  • The Twitter (X) share button doesn't work if the item name is very long (#7270).

  • A non-master Subvariant that has unique Related Subjects doesn't show on the Related Subjects' Subject page (#7716).

  • Marketplace "My ❤︎ Members: No" filter doesn't work (#7869).

  • Clicking out of filters on search makes the scroll jump (#7901).

  • Collectible image captions are hidden or shown on the wrong image if the same caption is used on multiple images (#8008).
    • Workaround: Enter a unique caption for each image.

  • Responsive (mobile) layout issues on pages with batch editing tables, including Collection Management, Manage Database Items, Items for Sale, etc. (#8009).

  • Showcase and Marketplace Feedback Stars use different rounding (a 4.9 rating shows as 5 stars in the Marketplace but only 4 stars on the Showcase) (#8051).

  • Wraparound text on Subject names and identifiers truncates too early in Subject search results (#8353).

  • There's no "Load Previous" button if loading a Marketplace or Member Directory URL with a page number higher than 1 (#8550).

  • The Series filter on Database Items search often doesn't find a matching subject unless the subject's full name is entered (partial matches may not show) (#9050).

  •  Action buttons on the top right of the mobile navbar are sometimes out of alignment (#9350).

  • Personal photo on Collectible is labeled "Standard" when using a standard photo as the Main Photo (#9510).

  • Using "-" in front of a search term in the member directory doesn't exclude the term (#9673).

  • The "Has Item On Sale" filter on the Database Items search doesn't work (#10207).

  • Database items with a number as the name can cause conflicts with another item if the item's HDBID is the same number (#10252).

  • PACE items (Prototype, Autographed, Custom, or Error) show on the top level of Subjects when they should be hidden behind the standard version of the item (#10349).

  • Subjects sometimes show duplicates in Search (#10839).

  • Attempting to reply to a private message that has embedded images results in a 400 error (#11130).
    • WORKAROUND: Attach images by uploading instead of pasting them into the message body.

  • The Database Item Type search filter is missing on mobile (#11213).

  • Collection Management "In List: None" filter is very slow (#11245).

  • The "Merge Duplicates" button on the My Stuff dashboard doesn't combine otherwise identical collectibles with different quantities (#11291).

  • Some accounts get an "Unable to save account" error message when saving account settings (#11518).
    • WORKAROUND: Use an incognito or private browser window to change settings.

  • Removing a club membership in your settings does not stick when saved (#11752).
    • WORKAROUND: Let us know and we'll remove the club membership for you.

  • Variant groups show the number of variants twice when grouping is turned on (#12057).

  • Can't view messages from or to a deleted user (#12117).

  • The Quantity filter on Collection Management doesn't work if the No Estimated Value scope is set (#12126).

Affecting the Volunteer Squad

Low Impact

  • Squad members can't correct Retail Prices or Member Estimates (#5618).
    • WORKAROUND: Contact an admin for help.

  • Table views revert to 30 when set to another number (#5683).

  • Mystery "Curation Action Failed" and "Issue Resolved" notifications (#5838 and #9415).

  • Released and Discontinued date for Database Items can't be the same day (#6527).

  • Removing a Price Point does not automatically trigger an Estimated Value recalculation (#6887).
    • WORKAROUND: Contact an admin and ask them to push a recalculation of the item's EV.

  • The "Ever Revised By" filter in Manage Database Items will show the same item multiple times if the member has edited the Database Item more than once (#7070).

  • Database Item Revision History incorrectly attributes image type changes to the member who uploaded the photo instead of the member who made the change (#7188).

  • Subvariants don't show in Add Relationships after page 1 (#7550)
    • WORKAROUND: Change the search query to show fewer results.

  • External links containing the # character can't be added to Database Items (#7551).

  • Pressing enter doesn't work to select the name of a member to reassign flags to (#7902).

  • Subjects can be linked to themselves as a Parent Subject/Related Subject (#7975).

  • Photos are deleted immediately instead of waiting until "Save" is clicked (#8148).

  • Manage Database Items sorting is reset to default after doing a Batch Action (#8376).

  • The "Date Last Added a Price Point" on Manage Database Items is incorrect if the item's most recent price point is from a source other than eBay (#8603).

  • Price Points from feeds (Pristine and 7BaP) aren't included in members' assigned Price Points stats (#9230).

  • The Verified Subjects count on Showcase might not be correct (#10187).

  • Changing the "Assigned to me" filter on the Flag Dashboard back to "Any" doesn't work (#10630).
    • WORKAROUND: Clear all filters

  • Text styling in the Variant Group description editor doesn't match the styling displayed on the Variant Group page (#11243).

  • The "No UPC" scope on Manage Database Items shows items that do have a UPC (#11532).

  • No error for invalid UPC when creating a new Variant (#11842).

  • The "Assign to others" field on the flag form is broken (#11888).

  • Database item photos count on Showcase stats is wrong (#12021).

  •  No error when an invalid UPC is entered when creating a new variant (#11842).

  • Subject photos and favorites are lost when merging Subjects (#11881).

  • The "Assign to others" search field on the price point flag form doesn't work (#11888).

  • Combining variant groups sometimes adds unrelated items to the variant group (#12093).

  • Error unvarianting an item that's missing dimension units (#12118).
    • WORKAROUND: Set the units (inches, centimeters, etc.) on the dimensions and try unvarianting again.

  • The No Release Date scope in Manage Database Items isn't not working (#12128).

Affecting Buyers

Low Impact

  • If you marked an item as Not Shipped and later receive it you cannot currently change the status.
    • WORKAROUND: Let us know and we'll change the status for you.

Affecting Sellers

Medium Impact

  • Cart not showing all items (#12001).  Set as Medium as there was only one case so far.
    • We're aware of one case where some items in a large order are missing from the cart page. Please let us know if you are also experiencing this issue.

  •  Tax is charged on the original order amount instead of the discounted amount (#12116).

Low Impact

  • Shipping Requests sometimes don't show on the Shipping Requests page (#8510).
    • WORKAROUND: They all show in the Seller Dashboard.

  • Transferring an item for sale to another member keeps the item for sale on the new owner's account (#8552).
    • WORKAROUND: Cancel the sale listing before transferring the item.

  • If a buyer has an item in their cart with Request Shipping enabled, they will still be able to request shipping even if the item is changed to have set shipping costs (#10094).

  • Minor price change when listing for sale (for example, the price was set at $5 but changed to $4.97) (#10884).
    • This is a very rare bug. Please let us know if you encounter it so we can investigate further.

  • Two known collectibles are listed for sale but can't be added to cart (#11995).

  •  Setting an Away Message doesn't automatically pause listings (#12098).
    • WORKAROUND: Listings can be paused manually on the Items for Sale page.