A Custom is an item that has been significantly modified or scratch-built. We love customs here at hobbyDB and they can be added to hobbyDB with their Production Status set to "Custom." The Database Item's Brand should be set to the customizer who created the piece, or "Unknown Customizer" if the artist is not known. If we don't have a Subject for the customizer it will need to be added.

The Subject of the original item's brand, such as Funko or Hot Wheels, should not be included in the custom item's database entry. The original item's UPC should not be included, either.

If only minor modifications have been made, for example simple detailing of a model car's bumper or headlights, the item does not quite qualify as a Custom to be added as a new Database Item. In those cases you can instead add the standard version to your collection and note any modifications there, and upload your own photos.

Greet Your Liberators by Suckadelic

If a custom is based on an existing item and still resembles the original, the custom can be added as a Variant of the original, like this custom model based on the Hot Wheels Kool Kombi. Again, the original item's Brand is not added to the Database Item.

Ghostbusters Kool Kombi by Brew Customs

Custom POP!s

We have a Subject called POP! Customs for customs based on Funko POP! figures. The POP! Customs Subject should always be added to the Database Item as its Series. The Funko Subject should not be added to the item.

Learn how to add Custom POPs to the database!

Vincent Van Gogh with Starry Night Jacket by Boopstoof