Here's a step-by-step guide for how to make the perfect subvariant group.

First, as you're adding items to the database and see an item that looks similar to yours, but is a bit different i.e. a packaging variation/sticker variation or something that may be harder to see such as a back for a pin, a car interior, or labeling below the item. This is different to a variant (i.e. a green vs. yellow car), where you would have the same item, but it has major differences vs. minor differences.

To create a subvariant, go to the bottom of the item page that is very similar to yours, here the Shado 2 page, and then click "Add Subvariant". 

This will bring you to the add subvariant form. 

Make sure to add the Subvariant Detail Description. This describes what makes your item different from the others and will become the title of this item within the subvariant view so that people can see what makes this item different in a glance. Then be sure to add a photo of the item that shows what makes it different. This is called the Detail Photo.

Next, you'll be taken to the Curator Dashboard to Confirm Create Subvariants. The Set as Display item should be the most common of the two items, usually the first edition. 

Once you've added your subvariant, then you will need to edit the Title and description of the Subvariant Group. You can easily do this inline by hovering over your suvariant group page title and/or description and clicking the pencil edit icon.

Then simply fill in your text, and click save.

Finally, make sure to select the Main Image, the Show on Search Image, and the Display Image for each of your subvariants. 

The Main Image is the one that will be used for the Standard Image for sales listings, the Show on Search Image displays in your search results, and is meant to be as large as possible and without any packaging. Finally, the Display image shows what is different about each subvariant. 

Here's an example of what your finished page will look like -