This article helps our Volunteer Squad keep the database clean and consistent! It pertains to members who have Curator access and above. If you're interested in getting involved, read more about joining the Squad here. We'd love to have you aboard!

NOTE.  This works also for Subvariants (we will add a separate page)

Variants are an important aspect of the hobbyDB database that allows users to add and view the same item with small differences. As part of the variant toolset is connecting variants. This allows those with Curator-level privileges and above to tie multiple variants together for easier viewing and cataloging.

The Tutorial 

And here the same to read  -

A step-by-step guide to varianting two database items -

  1. In the Curator Menu click on Manage Database Items.

  2. Go to the right side and Filter section. Enter the item that you are searching to match as variants in the Search all Database Items box.

  3. Scroll to the bottom and click the filter button (Blue Button).

  4. Scroll through the list and find 2 variant items (the same item, but slight differences).

  5. On the left-side column toggle both items buttons to show Green.

  6. Scroll back to the top, look on the far left and pull down the Batch Action tab.  Click on Create Variants Selected.

  7. Variants will appear side-by-side, click on only one of the Retain Variant Title / Description buttons.

  8. Click Confirm Variants on the bottom left side of the page.

  9. Return back your variant search, and notice that both items have 2 showing that they are linked as variants.

  10. Click on one of the variant links, which takes you to the database page and clearly states there are 2 variants of this item.

  11. Click on the Variant link and see both items on one page.