Here is the current list of how to attach a pin or badge  -

Barrel Clutch

The barrel clutch is placed over the sharp end to protect the carrier and create a seal. This is rarely used.

Bell Clasp


There are 3 types of clasp attachments  -

  1. A Clasp that swivels around the pin and is made of two separate parts. The long stick needle is housed in a U-shaped enclosure and the sharp end trapped in a clasp that rotates to create a seal.

  2. A Clasp that swivels around the pin and is made of one complete unit. More durable than the 2-piece construction that could be easily reattached if broken off in one unit; the metal is softer allowing the swivel end to be bent back upright if required.

  3. The FB Parry Clasp simply goes under the curved hook using pressure. The long needle is raised at the fixed end to create upward pressure allowing the sharp end to be trapped under the fold-over hook at the other end.



Hinged Pin



A pin that attaches by a separate magnet placed on the back between the two magnetic surfaces. This has been primarily created for staff to wear who did not wish to creature holes in their clothes through the traditional tack attachments.

Safety Pin

This type of attachment is generally only used for buttons and not for pins.


(used to be called Stick Pin with Pad)

Straight Pin

Early pins often had no clasping mechanism