On hobbyDB, data is received and recorded in three main ways... 

Manually Added

Special users -- Contributors, Curators, and Champions -- have hobbyDB superpowers that allow them to add items to the database. Items are added one at a time using a suite of tools available onsite. Check out our database addition standards for some of the most popular item types.

Interested in adding to the database? Check out the different ways you can get involved.

Data Donations

Over the years, we've received thousands of data donations in the form of books, CD's, spreadsheet printouts, and physical collectibles. Our dedicated team of Data Jedi adds these database entries to the site in order to preserve the information on hobbyDB. 

Do you have physical collectible data you'd like to donate? Let us know!

Data Uploads

Last, but certainly not least, we have the ability to upload database entries in mass using an onsite data uploader. Typically, an owner of a large collection or collectibles website will add items to a templated spreadsheet that matches the item type being added. From there, they share the sheet with us and our team takes it across the finish line and uploads the data onto the database. 

Check out a few of our templates below. Each item type (action figure, model car, duck decoy, etc.) requires a different template since each item type requires different details. 

If you're interested in uploading data onto the hobbyDB database, please reach out to us via email