Your Showcase is a customizable page you can use to show off your collection to the world (think of it as your Online Museum).  Make it stand-out!

You can personalize 5 Elements of this page.

         1.  Your Banner (best dimensions are 1,200 by 250 pixels but other sizes work as well, try it out!)

         2.  Your Avatar

         3.  Your Showcase Name

         4.  Your Intro text

The Avatar and Intro text also show in the Member Directory.  You can change all of this on the top right  > Settings (or on the mobile menu just Settings), in the Section called Showcase (here is the link).

         5. Your Collection Lists (these can be changed in My Stuff  >  List Management).  More on Lists here.

You can opt not to show your Total Collection Value and Top Ten or Estimated Values of your Collectibles.  All of that is also done in the Showcase Settings.  Lastly, the Showcase also shows your other Collection Stats, Wish List, Gallery, Curation Stats, Subjects curated and Badges earned.