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Funko prototypes have their own unique identifying characteristics. To help us maintain consistent and relevant data on each item, we’ve created a list of Funko prototype data entry guidelines to keep everyone on the same page.

To add a Funko prototype find its production model and use the “Add Variant” button.  Then fill out the fields as below (in some cases removing information from the production model).

  1. Image: The Main Image should ideally be the prototype against a high-contrast background. Add as many other images as you think make sense.

  2. Name: Always use the name used for the production model.  Append the word Prototype.

  3. Brand: This should always be Funko.

  4. Series: Prototypes get only added to the subject named “Funko Prototypes”.

  5. Designer: The name of the casting designer (this is almost never known).

  6. Production Status: This is to be set to Prototype.  

  7. Produced: The mold date that is on the bottom of the figure.

  8. # Produced: Production numbers are not published.  Experience showed that they vary from 1 to 15.  If you are not certain use the "Estimated" disclaimer.

  9. Ratio: Leave empty.

  10. Made in: Leave empty or add the location of the production model.

  11. Reference #: Leave empty (the production model has a reference but not the prototypes).

  12. UPC code: Leave empty.

  13. Scale: Leave empty.

  14. Depicts:  Find the right character.

  15. Material: Is preset to PVC/Vinyl which should be correct.

  16. Color: Select the color/s.

  17. Features: Select if any.

  18. Number of Points of Articulation: Generally leave empty.

  19. Accessories: Select if any.

  20. Packaging: Loose.

  21. Blind Packaging: No.

  22. Packaging Language: Leave empty.

  23. Figure Height: Enter.  You can leave the other dimensions empty.

  24. Related Subjects:  Generally leave empty.

  25. Description:  Add any other interesting information such as any known distribution of the item such as “was handed out on Fundays 2018 and 3 more were given away on give-aways on Funko’s Facebook page in October 2018” or “Initially sold by Galaxy Toys on February 2019”.  Please add links as backup on the page.

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