Managing Sales

Once a sale is made on hobbyDB, all of the applicable sales information you need to fulfill the order will be viewable in your Shopify orders environment. 

When viewing the order details, you'll notice additional hobbyDB details along the right side of the page -- hobbyDB order number, URL, hobbyDB fee, PayPal fee, and shipping total: 

Note that these fields appear editable, but changing anything here will not affect the original information.

Customer information including shipping and contact details are also listed on the right side of the orders page: 

Once you ship hobbyDB-generated orders, you can manage tracking information without ever having to leave your Shopify seller environment.

Additionally, if you have to cancel an order for any reason, simply use the "More actions" dropdown at the top of the order page:

If you encounter any issues with fulfilling an order, we are here to support you and ensure the buyer is taken care of on your behalf. Simply send our team of Customer Service Jedi an email, and we can jump in and help right away.