Our Custom Database is designed to seamlessly fit into your site. All you have to do is add one or two links (Database and/or Marketplace) in your menu and your community members will automatically have access to new features that they can use in your native environment.  Here an example of a Marketplace menu link  -

For your Custom Database itself, you have the following feature options  -

  1. Database Only
  2. Marketplace Only
  3. Both

Your users can offer items for sale by using the database, but you can also opt for them to sell lots or items that are not yet in the database (without having to add them first).

Here are the options to personalize your Custom Database  -

Lastly, two examples, first a Custom Database (this one showing only Batman items)  -

In addition to searching for particular items, your community will be able to read up on anything related to those items. We call these "Subject Pages". Here, an example of the Hard Rock International subject page.

And secondly a Custom Marketplace (showing only products made by Hot Wheels)  -

For your custom marketplace, you have the choice of selecting the following items  -

  • made by one or more brands
  • of a certain type such as comics or decoys
  • related to a Subject such as a Character, town or TV show
  • that are of a certain scale or production status (for example prototypes or errors)
  • fit a combination of these criteria

On top of the customized marketplace, you can also utilize the new widget builder within articles or pages on your site. You can decide which items you'd like to feature in the widget and place it anywhere to generate a seamless buying experience for your community. 

You can find a list of current Custom Databases and Marketplaces here.  If you are interested in this reach out to us to set up a Custom Database that you can test in your own time.