Start by clicking “Manage Shipping Defaults”. 

You can now set shipping costs (including combined shipping costs) for different zones for the items you list on hobbyDB. You can also leverage multiple groups of shipping costs for added flexibility. If, for example, you intend to sell two products of different sizes and weights, you can create two groups of shipping costs, one for each product. Note that you must have at least one shipping zone (United States, Europe, Mexico, just to name a few) set in order to list products for sale on hobbyDB.

To add a shipping zone, click the “Add” button. You can then select a zone and add a cost and a combined cost. If you do not wish to offer combined shipping, leave this blank. If you wish to offer free shipping and/or free combined shipping, enter 0 in the “Cost” and/or “Cost with Other item” columns. 

The “Group Name” defaults to “Default”. For your convenience, if you retain this name for your most often-used shipping group, the app will automatically select it for all products (although you will be able to change them to another group on an individual basis before listing them on hobbyDB).

If you already have shipping costs set on hobbyDB with group names, you will see these here in your app. You can edit them either in the app or on hobbyDB. If you edit them on hobbyDB, the edits will be reflected in the app automatically. 

Click the “Save” button to exit, then click “Back to Dashboard” to return to the main dashboard.

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