The hobbyDB Shopify app offers sellers all the upside of the hobbyDB marketplace ecosystem without the headache of managing multiple platforms. With just a few clicks, Shopify sellers can plug their store inventory into the fastest growing collectibles marketplace on the web. Without ever having to leave the Shopify seller environment, the hobbyDB Shopify App empowers sellers to... 

  1. Set and adjust hobbyDB shipping costs & shipping groups

  2. Set and adjust the quantities of products listed on hobbyDB

  3. Set and adjust the prices of products listed on hobbyDB

  4. Set and adjust the shipping costs of products listed on hobbyDB

  5. Set and adjust custom titles for listings on hobbyDB

When you sell an item via hobbyDB, the app will also ensure that your inventory quantities in Shopify are updated to reflect this.

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How to Install the hobbyDB Shopify App

Listing and managing sales on the hobbyDB Shopify app

Setting default shipping costs