As a seller on hobbyDB or any of the hobbyDB powered marketplaces you have some great shipping tools. 

Default Shipping Costs

Clicking the "Shipping Costs" button on the home page of your Seller Dashboard takes you to the Default Shipping Costs tool. Here you can do the following... 

  • Set the price of shipping to as few or as many countries/regions as you'd like. Simply click the "Add Default Shipping Costs" button in the top right to create a default shipping cost for a given region. 
  • Create shipping groups (see screenshot above) based on the size of the orders you typically ship. This way you never over or under charge for those package sizes you ship most. Please note that groups are based on the name in the first column. For example, anything with the name "Pins" are in the pins group, and "Teddy Bears" are in the teddy bear shipping group. To add rest of world shipping for your teddy bear group, when creating a new shipping cost, you'd be sure to name the group "Teddy Bears". 
  • Add add on shipping prices so your buyers feel better about purchasing multiple items from you in order to save on shipping costs. 

Changes made to your default shipping costs will automatically be applied to any future sales listings, saving you time. Want to ship to Canada but not to Europe? Not a problem! Set the shipping zones you DO wish to offer shipping to, and forget about it.

Click "Apply Shipping Costs" if you wish to retroactively apply new or edited shipping costs to existing listings. 

Shipping Zone Caps

Set maximum shipping rate caps for shipping costs to specific zones. This feature is also a "set and forget" tool that applies across all of your sales listings. 

Bulk Rate Changes

If and when the United States Postal Service increases its shipping rates, we've got your back! Simply send us an email at requesting a bulk shipping rate increase. Our team will jump right on it and ensure all of your shipping rates increase by a set amount, no hassle required. 

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