Your hobbyDB Profile is the public-facing, customizable representation of you as a collector on hobbyDB. Other collectors can view your profile to learn more about you, check out how you're involved with hobbyDB, and see your "Public" Collection items.

Profile Example

  1. Your profile picture. This can be any photo (non-explicit) as you'd like people to see when they visit your profile. 
  2. Your username, an optional/customizable "About Me" blurb, a contact link other users can use to message you directly via the platform, and a few social media share links so you or others can share the awesome-ness that is your collection.
    Note: when viewing your own profile, the contact link will not be visible.
  3. Badges. You collect badges when you get more involved with adding, editing, or contributing to hobbyDB in general. Check out more info on how to get involved
  4. Here's where others can view your collection and any items you may have added to the database. For more details on what's public and private regarding your collection, head over to our Collection Privacy article.

Editing Your Profile

Editing your Profile is quick and easy. Check out the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to your profile.
  2. Once there, click the "Edit" button on your profile page. 
  3. You're now able to edit your profile...

    - Upload a new image
    - Change your name listed on hobbyDB
    - Write or edit your "About Me" blurb
    - Change your password
    - Subscribe/unsubscribe from different hobbyDB emails
  4. Whenever you've made any change, remember to click "Update Account" to save your changes. 

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