Both your Showcase and Collection Management pages show the items you have added to your collection on hobbyDB. Essentially, your Showcase is your publicly accessibly online museum and Collection Management is your private museum management software. Read on to learn more about the differences and how both are useful as you track your collection.


Collection Management

Collection Management may not be the most exciting page on hobbyDB, but it contains lots of features to manage what you have. It shows a table view of your collectibles with several columns to give you a quick overview of what you have:

  • Item: Item name and photo
  • Date Added (Date Purchased): Shows the date you added it to your collection on hobbyDB, and the date you purchased it if you've included that info on the collectible
  • Private Notes: Any notes you've added to the collectible
  • Quantity: How many you have
  • Estimated Value: Shows the Database Item's current Estimated Value, and how much you paid if you've entered that information.
  • Privacy: Shows whether you've marked it as Public, Private, or For Trade
  • Lists: Shows which, if any, of your Lists the collectible is on

You can use filters to see only specific collectibles, and select multiple items to perform Batch Actions on. Learn more about Collection Management and all the features available.


Think of your Showcase as your website and your own personal online museum. This is where other members can contact you via private message, view your amazing collection, gander at your featured items, check out what items you may have for sale or want, and much more. 

Your Showcase also displays stats about your collection, your Top 10 most valuable items, stats on your contributions if you are a Squad Member, and any badges you've earned. You can adjust your privacy settings if you want to hide any of your collectibles or collection stats.

You can also add a profile picture and banner image to make the space uniquely yours. Learn more about how to set up your Showcase, and have fun with it!