At hobbyDB, we want to ensure that creators' rights to a trademark are considered fully. When a trademark is used in a confusingly similar manner, it may be considered trademark infringement. However, please note that a trademark does not give you the sole and exclusive right to use that trademark in every context. 

The following are requirements for submitting Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices of infringement and DMCA counter-notices to hobbyDB. However, we prefer that you use our reporting form below. Completing the form triggers a series of steps that adhere to the DMCA guidelines for infringement, which are as follows  -

  1. Claimant sends takedown notices to our DMCA Agent via the form below.

  2. We remove the offending content and notify the user who added the content to the site.

  3. That user can now issue a Counter Notification in order to restore that content if they feel it was taken down as the result of a mistake.

  4. If the claimant still believes there is an infringement, further legal action against the user, at which time we will pass along contact details.

  5. Ultimately we side with the outcome of the legal action.

If you believe that your trademark or copyright has been infringed upon, please complete the form below for our team's review  -