With the hobbyDB marketplace widget, you can embed a short piece of code and instantly offer your users access to a customizable set of inventory from our ecosystem of marketplaces. Here's how it all works... 

Step 1 - Build Your Widget 

  1. Navigate to the hobbyDB widget builder

  2. Now change the info like "Limit", "Keywords" , and "Button Color". Let's say you want to show 4 Game of Thrones items at a time from the Pop Price Guide marketplace, the button should be dark gray, and the text color blue, all oriented horizontally. Make all of those changes and hit "Update".

  3. Your preview is off to the right so you can see what it would look like. 

Step 2 - Rollout the Widget

  1. Once you've found the look and feel you like, copy the code snippet form the "Script" section by clicking "Copy"

  2. Navigate to whichever page you'd like to show those items for sale, and paste the snippet into the code.

  3. Done! Your users can now see items for sale that interest them, without having to leave the comfort of your site.