Here at hobbyDB, our users' experience is paramount, and we take buyer and seller protection seriously. We employ a number of policies in order to foster a community where buyers feel safe purchasing and sellers feel safe selling. See below for more details... 

Trusted Seller Program

We'll be upfront, we have great sellers! And the best of the best of those are our Trusted Sellers, noted by the trusted seller badge on any of our marketplaces.

Our Trusted Sellers are chosen and regularly vetted to ensure a high level of service. Trusted Sellers must complete at least 10 sales, have excellent reviews, and meet all of their seller responsibilities over 95% of the time. 

Internal Strikes

hobbyDB internal strikes are a detailed way for our Customer Service Jedi to keep track of both buyers and sellers that have violated our marketplace policies. The first strike serves as a warning, the second strike comes with repercussions, and after three strikes and the user is removed from the platform. Here are a few examples of strike-worth scenarios -

  1. A seller fails to fulfill an order and does not respond to any of our communications in the process.

  2. A buyer demands a return for an item that meets condition specifications laid out in the sales listing.

  3. A buyer or seller solicits offsite purchases. 

Strikes are not visible by other users, and those with strikes are denied Trusted Seller status. Any attempted fraud, with the appropriate evidence, will be met with immediate removal from the site.