hobbyDB is the perfect place to host an Official Archive of all the items you or your organization have ever created. Let us help you create your own archive, catalog your items, and share with your fans!


Who Can Have an Official Archive?

Most of our Official Archives are for brands that produce collectibles. We host Official Archives for more than just brands, though! We have artists (including customizers* and designers), authors, clubs, event series, publishers (books and periodicals), museums, and more!

Here are a few brands, artists, and publishers you may recognize that have already created their Official Archives on hobbyDB:


FunkoMaisto Hard Rock International


Frank KozikBrew City Customs Chris Stangler Customs


Hot Wheels Newsletter Model Auto Review Coterie Press

Plus many more! See the full list here.

How to Get Started

Just follow these quick steps and you'll be on your way to official archive-dom:

  1. First, create a hobbyDB user account, here.

  2. Shoot us an email to let us know you're interested in creating an Official Archive.

  3. Add items to the database! Once there are a substantial number of items in your archive we will designate it as an Official Archive.

Promoting Your Official Archive

Once all items are added to your Official Archive, we're ready to share the good news with both of our communities. Our usual formula for a successful launch includes -

  1. A stellar blog post introducing your new Official Archive to the world. Usually we like to include a Give-Away to help promote the exciting news. Read more on that here

  2. Design & promote a new badge for your super fans. Check out this example from The Creatives Collective -

After or in tandem with the Official Launch, we have the option of offering an exclusive from your brand to our community. Here's an example of our latest exclusive launch with Abominable Toys and Handmade by Robots - The Blacklight Chomp!

Link to Your Official Archive

Make sure your audience can easily find your Official Archive by linking to it in your site Menu. Here are a few examples - 

M2 Machines

Read the full M2 Machines announcement here

Brooklin Models

Read the full Brooklin Models announcement here 

* Customizers must have at least 15 items or 50% of their body of work (whichever number is larger) in the database to qualify for an Official Archive. To qualify for the promotion opportunities described above the customizer must have at least 25 items in the database.