We equip all of our sellers with tools to help them succeed on our marketplace. These tools live on the home page of your Seller Dashboard under the "Seller Tools" section. Check out the awesome seller features below!


Here is where you as a seller can change anything and everything regarding you as a seller on our marketplace: PayPal email, phone number, where you ship from, how quick a buyer can expect you to ship, any default shipping notes or away messages, password, and any notification settings. 


Using the manage coupons tool, you can create, edit, and delete coupons specific to the items you have for sale. Your buyers are going to love this!
Simply click "Coupons" in the seller tools section. From there, get started by clicking the "New Coupon" button in the upper right of the screen to name your coupon code, set the percentage discount, and even set a minimum purchase amount for the coupon to work.

Once created, you can edit or delete the coupon code(s) using the "Actions" button dropdown. 


Mass discounts more your speed? Not a problem! Our mass discount tool allows you to create one big discount that spans across all of your listed for sale items. Clear these discounts at any time by clicking the "Clear All Discounts" button.
Note: only one mass discount can be applied at a time. 

Shipping Costs

Clicking the "Shipping Costs" button takes you to the Default Shipping Costs tool, where you as a seller can set the prices of shipping to as few or as many countries/regions as you'd like. Simply click the "Add Default Shipping Costs" button in the top right to create a default shipping cost for a given region. This will automatically be applied to any future sales listings, saving you time. Want to ship to Canada but not to Europe? Not a problem! Set the shipping zones you DO wish to offer shipping to, and forget about it.

You'll also notice the ability to create shipping groups (see screenshot above) based on the size of the orders you typically ship. This way you never over or under charge for those package sizes you ship most!
Click "Apply Shipping Costs" if you wish to retroactively apply new or edited shipping costs to existing listings. 

Shipping Zone Caps

You may also set a maximum flat rate cap for shipping costs to specific zones. This feature is also a "set and forget" tool that applies across all of your sales listings. 

Remaining Seller Tools: Store Settings, Store Categories, and Subscribers

The remaining seller tools are for those sellers with a hobbyDB Marketstore. Personalize your Marketstore, add information about you, and brand it just right with Store Settings. Create, edit, and delete custom Marketstore categories so your buyers can browse their favorite items with ease using the Store Categories button. Lastly, view, edit and export your Marketstore subscribers with the Subscribers button. 


Looking for some more seller awesomeness? Look no further: selling on the marketplace

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