Interested in promoting your item listed for sale on hobbyDB across the Facebook collectibles ecosystem? We've got an integration for that! 

With the hobbyDB-Facebook integration, you can show a detailed preview of the item you have listed for sale, directly in your Facebook post. The preview links directly to the sales listing for easy buyer checkout. Here's how it works... 

  1. Find the sale page for the item you wish to list on Facebook and copy the URL from that page.

  2. Paste the sales listing URL from hobbyDB into a Facebook post.

  3. Wait for the preview of your sales listing to load.

  4. Once loaded, highlight the URL you've pasted, and replace it with whatever text you'd like to get collectors fired up to buy.

  5. Go ahead and post! 

This simple, yet powerful tool helps your promoted listings on Facebook stand out above the rest. They have the added advantages that they show the status of an item so that you will not get lots of messages once an item sold.