The best way to sell on hobbyDB, Pop Price Guide, and The Toy Peddler is to list from the database so you can get the most exposure for your listing. Your item will get more exposure if you do that, and about half the sales on our sites come through Database Item pages.

If you can't find your item in the database, you can always request that it be added, or join our Volunteer Squad so you can add items to the database yourself!

But there's also another option — listing for sale as a Generic Item that isn't linked to any item in the database. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to hobbyDB, PPG, or TTP and click the Selling menu in the top right corner, then click Sell.

  2. Look for the line that says, "Alternatively, you can sell the item as a Generic Item or as a Lot by using this form" and, as it says, click that "this form" link.

  3. Fill out the listing form and add photos, then sit back and relax! Your item is now for sale in the Marketplace.

If your item is added to the database later, you can assign your Generic Item to it. Buyers can also assign Generic Items in their collection to Database Items.