A Fresh Marketplace Design

Our exciting new marketplace design enables buyers to see sellers' feedback ratings and Trusted Seller status at a glance, plus clearer pictures and a lighter, cleaner interface. 


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New ways to Search or Browse

Marketplaces will now feature an advanced "categorizing" feature in the form of Popular Searches, giving users a quick-n-easy way to see their favorite items. You can also search for seller’s usernames. 


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A Revamped Seller Dashboard

With a sleek new design, you’ll have everything you need to manage your inventory and fulfill orders. Easily view your incoming orders, add tracking, and leave buyer feedback all in one place. 

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An Overhauled Buyer Dashboard

With a sleek new design, you’ll have everything you need to track your purchases. Easily view your past purchases, track your packages, and leave seller feedback all in one place.

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Better Facebook Integration

We’ve made it easy for you to start promoting your listed items on Facebook. Simply copy the URL from the hobbyDB marketplace or any of our other Marketplaces or a Private Message and paste it to your own Facebook page or a group page. This will immediately create a Facebook post that highlights the item that you would like to sell!

More Reach with many more Marketplaces
Did you know that whenever you list an item for sale, it automatically is listed in any relevant hobbyDB powered marketplace?! That means you’re automatically getting at least 5X the coverage any time you list an item for sale.

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Share your marketplace experiences with other buyers and sellers with two-way feedback
Now you have the ability to share your buying and selling experiences with the hobbyDB community! Your feedback will help other customers and sellers make better decisions when purchasing on hobbyDB or any other hobbyDB powered marketplace. Leaving feedback is a breeze – check out the step-by-step instructions below.

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Best Offer
Now you can invite buyers/sellers to negotiate with you. The Best Offer feature works best on higher value items when you don't necessarily know the ideal listing price to sell. You can use the best feature offer as a stand alone feature, or in addition to a fixed price offer as well.  

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Easily buy/sell collections at sellingyourcollection.com
Folks come to us all the time looking to sell their collections in bulk, so we wanted to give them a direct way to contact those of you who buy collections to supplement your inventory. If you are a hobbyDB Trusted Seller that likes to buy collections, let us know and we’ll add you to the page at no cost.

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hobbyDB Daily Deal
Interested in moving a bunch of inventory quickly? We've added a daily deal to the hobbyDB marketplace and are inviting our sellers to participate. If you'd like to offer a great deal (at least 50% off) on ten or more of the same item, just let us know! We’re not quite at the point where the deal will be different on a daily basis, but we’ll definitely get there!

Revamped Customer Service Team
We have lots of protections in place to ensure you're not the victim of fraud, ever. For everything else from payment, to seller/buyer outreach, we've got you covered. Our customer service team works tirelessly to turn any negative experience into a positive. 

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Wishlist Integration 

Whenever one of our users adds an item to their wish list, they will receive an email as soon as a seller lists that same item for sale. 

The power of your hobbyDB wish list

Trusted Seller Program

Once a seller has a proven track record of successful order fulfillments without any major issues, they become eligible for trusted seller status. Buyers earn an extra level of protection when buying from trusted sellers. 

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