Collection Management is the section of hobbyDB where you can see and manage the items you've added to your collection on hobbyDB. From here you can edit, organize, and delete collectibles you own.

To access Collection Management, go to the My Stuff menu at the top of any hobbyDB page, then click Collection Management.

  • Item: Item name and photo
  • Date Added (Date Purchased): Shows the date you added it to your collection on hobbyDB, and the date you purchased it if you've included that info on the collectible
  • Private Notes: Any notes you've added to the collectible
  • Quantity: How many you have
  • Estimated Value: Shows the Database Item's current Estimated Value, and how much you paid if you've entered that information.
  • Privacy: Shows whether you've marked it as Public, Private, or For Trade
  • Lists: Shows which, if any, of your Lists the collectible is on

And here are the various tools  -

Note: While Collection Management is to manage your collection (think of it as your Museums Software you also have your Showcase (that would be your Online Museum). Check out this comparison of the two features.