You can delete a collectible from your collection if you no longer have it or added it by mistake. Here's how: 

1. Click on "My Stuff" on the top righthand side of your page and then Collection Management.

2. Once there, find the item in your collection you wish to delete (tip: use the name filter on the right side of the page to find things quickly), click "Actions" and then "Delete".

You'll be asked to confirm you want to delete the item. Once you click ok, the item will be deleted from your collection!

Looking to start from scratch? Or sell a bunch of your collection? 

You can also bulk delete multiple items by using the Batch Actions. Simply select the items you'd like to delete by clicking the slider on the left of the item, and then click Batch Actions and Delete!

When using the batch actions tool, you will be able to do up to 50 at a time if you change your items shown per page -