Sellers are now getting paid directly into their PayPal accounts.  For transactions prior to Feb 9, 2021, the buyer paid hobbyDB and hobbyDB then pays the seller.  

When are Sellers paid for these Sales?

We pay our sellers every Wednesday afternoon for orders that were delivered within the pay cycle (Wednesday to Wednesday). Each order is checked to ensure the tracking information provided by the seller confirms the order was delivered to the address provided by the buyer. 

Trusted Sellers are paid when the order is updated with an active tracking number (must show movement). 

For orders marked as "Shipped Without Tracking", payments are made after 4-weeks for domestic shipments and 8-weeks for international shipments. For the fastest payment, we recommend shipping all orders with tracking information and uploading that info to your seller dashboard.

Our fee structure for these sales is  -

  • 7% fee on the sale price (not including Shipping!). This is capped at $100 per transaction
  • The standard PayPal fee for the sale (2.9% plus $0.30)

A quick overview of Statuses

Here are the Statuses for purchases where the Buyer paid hobbyDB on behalf of the Seller.  These are now called Legacy Statuses and are set automatically or by our team  -

  • Legacy: Pending - The Seller has not yet been paid for this item (the Seller might have not shipped it yet, it has not yet been received or it is coming up for payment next Wednesday).

  • Legacy: Paid - The Seller has been paid for the item.

  • Legacy: Return Requested - The Buyer has asked us to authorize a return to the Seller.

  • Legacy: Return Complete - The Seller received your item back and the Customer Service Team has refunded the Buyer.

  • Legacy: Canceled  - The Buyer changed their mind and the Customer Service Team has asked the Seller not to ship the item and refunded the Buyer.