Once a seller has a proven track record of successful order fulfillment without any major issues, they become eligible for trusted seller status. Becoming a "Trusted Seller" on hobbyDB comes with its perks... 

Trusted Seller Benefits 

  1. More Sales - buyers have options, and when there are options it's important for sellers to stand out. Trusted Seller status helps sellers stand out as a reliable option, which can lead to more sales!

  2. hobbyDB Team Referrals - sometimes, the team here at hobbyDB will be in a position to refer buyers to the best sellers for a particular collectible. When this happens, we give preference to our Trusted Sellers first. This means more opportunities to make a sale. 


Interested in becoming a Trusted Seller? Take a peek at the guidelines we follow when granting or denying "Trusted Seller" status.

  • At least 25 completed sales

  • Minimum of 10 buyer feedbacks

  • Seller feedback rating higher than 4 stars 

This process is not automated as we like to get to know our sellers that qualify for this status. If you feel as though you qualify as a Trusted Seller, please do not hesitate to reach out by clicking the green Contact hobbyDB button on the righthand side of this page.