Here at hobbyDB, we take seller protection seriously. Below are the main points of our seller protection policy.

hobbyDB Seller Protection

If the seller has provided the necessary information (details and link below), they are eligible for our scammer protection. Unlike other marketplaces, we consider each potential issue on a case by case basis. If the seller has done everything by the book, our customer service team can protect them from... 

  • Fraudulent buyers 
  • Illegitimate damage claims
  • Illegitimate claims of failed delivery
  • User error (buyer) 
  • Late cancelation protection

What we need from you... 

Our dedicated team is willing and able to advocate for our amazing sellers, but we do have a few basic requirements in order to do so.

  • A tracking number uploaded in the seller dashboard for each order shipment. Without tracking we cannot protect you in "he said she said" scenarios, including if you mark an order as "Shipped Without Tracking". Check out our payment policy for more details. 
  • Timely fulfillment of the order (departs shipping location within 5 business days of order creation)
  • Reasonable response time to hobbyDB customer service emails
  • Accurate/complete item and condition information offered in the item's sales listing
  • For sales over $750, ship orders with insurance and as "signature required". We will not be able to protect you against certain claims if high-value orders are not shipped with these extra safeguards. 

*If we reach out to a seller regarding an issue with an order and do not hear back within one week, we will move forward with a resolution as our service team sees fit. 

These are just the basics, check out our seller best practices article for more details on information that helps us support our sellers even more! 

Don't worry, we protect our buyers as well, check our our buyer protection article for the details. 

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