Congrats! You've made a sale. Follow these simple steps to ensure a seamless process for everyone involved:

  1. Your item has sold. You will receive an email immediately with the following details – item specifics, customer name, customer shipping address, and payment amount including the price of the item and the shipping price.
    Don't worry, at this point we've collected the buyer's money and are holding it in an escrow account until the order is delivered. Check out the details here.

  2. Next, package the item and ship directly to your customer. Once you receive a tracking number, navigate to your seller dashboard and add the tracking information to the cart. This will trigger a tracking email to the buyer and allow us to pay you for your sale once the order is delivered. Without tracking, your payment is at the mercy of the buyer's word.
    Check out our help article on seller protection for more details.

  3. You will be paid for all items sold and shipped on a weekly basis every Wednesday. As a reminder, there are no listing or storefront hosting fees on hobbyDB. hobbyDB only charges fees if an item sells.
    Check out our basics article for more details on selling through hobbyDB.

  4.  Wednesday afternoon rolls around and your payment will be ready in PayPal!  

As a reminder, we have a dedicated support team that is here to ensure all transactions and interactions between buyers and sellers are easy as pie. Click the "Contact Us" link in the footer to get in touch with one of our Customer Service Jedis. 

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