Once you've navigated to your Seller Dashboard, you'll be shown the screen pictured below. Your seller admin can be broken up into 3 sections: Navigation, Actions and Settings, and Stats and Carts. See more details below.

Section 1 - Navigation

The top navigation bar helps you as a seller navigate to all of the different major tools and views available to you in the admin portal. Here's a breakdown of each navigation link from left to right... 

  • Marketplace: takes you to the hobbyDB marketplace.
  • Seller Dashboard: this is the view you're first met with when you navigate to the "Seller Dashboard" from the home page. 
  • Buyer Dashboard: if you buy items as well as sell them on the marketplace, your purchases and relevant purchase information will be viewable there. Click here for more details.
  • Carts: shows all of the orders you are/were responsible for fulfilling as a seller. 
  • Active Listings: this is a filtered view that shows all of your current items listed for sale on the marketplace. Each item can be edited or canceled from this view. 
  • Sold Listings: a view of all the items you've sold, on which date, and for how much. 
  • Offers Received: as a seller, this is where you'll be able to view, and either accept or deny offers posed by buyers as part of our new Best Offer option.
  • Feedback: view all of the feedback you've received as a seller. 
  • Messages: this is where you can send and receive internal messages done through the site. 

NOTE: the navigation bar is partly dynamic, changing depending on which section you're in. For example, if you click "Buyer Dashboard" the options in the navigation bar will change to fit that section of the admin portal.

Section 2 - Actions and Settings

In section 2 on the left side of the Seller Dashboard page you'll find 3 areas where action can be taken or settings edited. 

  • Actions Needed: pending actions, usually the need for tracking information in the orders you fulfill, are linked here. 
  • Policy: this is a short overview of our seller-related policies. Check out our full list of seller policies, here
  • Selling Manager: in this section are links to shipping cost, zone and notes settings that can be changed at any time. Changes made here are applied broadly to all listings you put up for sale. 

Section 3 - Stats and Carts

The final, right most section of the Seller Dashboard contains a few quick numbers applicable to your status as a seller, as well as an overview of your pending fulfillments. 

  • Seller Feedback Rating: an overview of how buyer's have rated you as a seller. 
  • Lifetime Stats: this section offers a high-level look at your activity as a seller on hobbyDB. 
  • Recent Carts: shows the 10 most recent sales you've made and a few point of information for each. Click "View All" in the upper left of this section to see a detailed look at all of your sales, their current statuses, and your payment for each. 

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