We take the protection of our buyers seriously at hobbyDB. Instead of having lengthy, winding buyer protection policies, we have one big policy that works to keep our buyers safe from fraud. Our payment policy. 

The Policy

We do not pay our sellers until we get your feedback or a safe period of time after delivery has passed!

The Details

This is achieved because of our unique payment process. When a buyer places an order, we immediately collect the payment, but hold it in a safe account until the seller successfully fulfills the order. Only when the order is successfully delivered and in satisfactory condition do we pay the seller. 

There is one exception involving orders shipped without tracking information. We will pay out our sellers for orders that are shipped without tracking after 4-weeks for domestic shipments, and 8-weeks for international shipments based on the "shipped at" date.  And that is only unless we hear from you (the buyer) during that time.