We are working nonstop at hobbyDB and other websites that are powered by hobbyDB to make them easier to use and more comprehensive for all collectors. Below are most of the things we’ve got in the pipeline as hobbyDB new features (for a list of known bugs go here).

Of course, we’re always open to suggestions  for other ways to improve the site but before emailing us your great idea, do take a look at the list below and see if it’s already on our roadmap. 

For all of hobbyDB (and PPG / TTP)

  • Translation Tool so that users can translate the site on the fly into their own language
  • Better curation tools for the site, in particular, more email notifications (notifications on edits and weekly digests)
  • Constantly working on making the site faster and more mobile-friendly
  • Ability to crop images
  • Web Accessibility Features
    • The "Dark Side" - an ability to change our template to switch from black text on white background to white text on black background
    • An ability to change colors and contrast levels


  • Something called OAuth which allows staying logged in better or longer, possibly also Sign--in with Apple and Google
  • Add image matching (you photograph an object and the app shows you the closest fits in the database), an activity feed and more (see here for an overview)



  • Many more filters with the ability to add multiples and combine with AND and OR
  • Ability to save filters (or even set "Context", say show me only items made by Funko and Porsche)
  • Advanced Search searching description text
  • Infinite Scroll in Collection Management and Showcase
  • Add quotation marks to search for “two or more words” appearing as a string
  • Searching for users’ Showcases
  • Offering alternative spelling and auto-complete options (say "Cryptozoic" when a user has typed "Cryp" already)


  • Sort browse results by more fields such as scales or countries

Database Items

  • More standard images (for example front and back for postcards). Read more about this here.
  • Build more types of collectibles such as Fossils or Stamps (at the moment you can add items to Whatever Else – we then, in turn, add new Collectible Types where there are a few and then migrate items from Whatever Else to the new type)
  • Combine some collectible types such as Model Cars and Model Racing Cars by adding an If functionality (here if the car raced show fields for driver, team, sponsors, races and racing number)
  • Tie fields to possible Subjects when entering data (so only show Duck Species when asking for Species in Decoys or only show Drivers when asking for a Driver for a Racing Car)
  • Allow auto-complete also for Sub Materials (currently typing “Pla…” shows Plastic but this does not yet work for Polystyrene which is a value under Plastic)
  • Separating Related Items on Database Entries by what they are (for example separate the Model Cars, Model Car Kits and Pedal cars on the Gremlin page under their own headers)
  • Allow sorting Relationships in more ways (for example showing the 50 Cars in a Hot Wheels 50 Pack in the order they are in the pack for easier comparison)
  • Full revision history showing also what has been changed
  • Follow Database Entries (get a notification where there are changes)
  • More and better integration into other Social Media such as Facebook and Pinterest (like the recently released ability to create sales listings on Facebook)
  • More default settings, for example the ability to see only items from one Brand or one Related Subject or to disable the Adult Content filter when logged in

Price Guide

  • Estimated Values for items in different condition degrees as well as graded items (more on that here)
  • Display Price Points that were rejected with the reason why
  • More prominently show how old the last recorded Price Point is
  • The ability to benchmark one collectible or a range of collectibles against others (see also our Value Guide Vision blog post)


  • Attributes like Database Entries  already have (for example Drivers will have birthdays, Nationality, races wons, teams etc as attributes); this would then also allow to filter Subjects
  • Better Galleries for Subjects
  • Sort Subjects entries by more fields such as dates or countries
  • Full revision history showing also what has been changed
  • Follow Subjects (you can already "heart' a Subject and the notification for when new items get added are coming soon)

Member Directory

  • Search for local members (opt-in)
  • Search for Members that like to trade

Local Directory

  • Maps
  • Ratings
  • Ability for members to show that they go to Events on the Event Listing and their Showcase

Club Directory

  • To come (Club Events can already be added in the Local Directory)

Collection Management

  • Better search over one’s collection (more filters)
  • One-Click remove, the same items can get added with one click (assuming the user only has only one)
  • Showing statistics when doing a search (say showing how many models for the search “Mercedes-Benz” with details of Scales and other attributes)
  • More Collection Statistics such as the number of items and total spend
  • Changes Collection Stats to be real-time versus running overnight
  • Showing value creation, i.e. displaying your purchase price versus current Estimated Value in search and for your lists
  • Ability to sort by value increase or decrease over a certain period
  • More Bulk actions
  • Offline access to collection management
  • Print-on-demand (for example select 12 images and be able to create a Christmas calendar)
  • Ability to export PDFs and CSV files
  • Various museum-related features such as “on display” lists, “wanted for an exhibition” list etc
  • Suggestions for items that fit your collection (based on collecting habits of other similar users). This will be optional
  • Infinite Scroll


  • Separate Wishlist (which would be public) from Shopping List (which would be seen only by the user)
  • Ability to define the required condition degree of the item and (if relevant) packaging as well as price range
  • Pre-purchase (“here is my offer of $60, valid for 3 months as long as the item is in at least Very Good condition”)
  • More filters for sorting items in one’s wish list
  • Infinite Scroll
  • More items per page (from the current maximum of 50 to 250)


  • Ability to set a default tab (collection, wishlist or items for sale)
  • Build more personalized categories for Wish List and Gallery and sort them
  • Sublists
  • Infinite Scroll
  • More here in this blog post

Database Lists

  • Ability to build personal lists such as “My favorite 10 Corkscrews of all times” or “Best Convertibles Ever Built” and to share them
  • Follow lists

Buying & Selling on hobbyDB

  • Better Best Offer work-flow
  • “Tempt Me”, allowing collectors to specify if other users can make an offer for some of their collectibles
  • Auctions
  • More Pre-Order features 
  • Offer more currencies
  • Offer more payment options such as Bank Transfers in some European countries
  • Show Sellers stats on how many items an item was viewed and in how many Carts it is added to
  • Ability to print shipping labels
  • Negotiate great shipping terms for our sellers and integrate the provider/s into the site
  • More sorting options in the store (such as the display order of items with store categories)
  • Adjust postage for groups of items at the same time (at the moment users can adjust single items or all of their items for sale)
  • Add more integration to Social Media such as Pinterest


We think trading is a great way to get grails, save cash and get to know other collectors

  • A separate Trade list
  • Auto-matches (an email with a match for an item you are looking for with one you have)
  • A Trade Management dashboard
  • Ability to find local Members that want to trade 

We plan to charge a small subscription for the ability to trade.

Buying & Selling on Custom Databases and Marketplaces

Besides a lot of the changes that we are introducing on hobbyDB such as more currencies we also plan to add these   –

  • More and better Categories
  • Ability for an owner of a Custom Database or Marketplace to make changes to her or his marketplace such as the header or logo (at the moment they can just ask us to make the changes)
  • Customizable Homepage for each Marketplace with the ability to add text, images and featured items