We are working nonstop at hobbyDB to make the site easier to use and more comprehensive for all collectors. Below are most of the things we’ve got in the pipeline as hobbyDB new features. Of course, we’re always open to suggestions for other ways to improve the site but before emailing us your great idea, do take a look at the list below and see if it’s already on our roadmap. 

For all of hobbyDB

  • Translation Tool so that users can translate the site on the fly into their own language
  • Better curation tools for the site, in particular email notifications
  • Constantly working on making the site faster and more mobile friendly, including developing separate apps for Android and iOS

Catalog Entries

  • More standard images (for example front and back for postcards)
  • Better way of comparing variations on a page including a toggle between more detailed list views and tile views with lots of images
  • More Price Guide features, incl. prices paid by user on hobbyDB and elsewhere, reported prices from auction houses; price charts over time and value estimate for items in different condition degrees (see also our Value Guide Vision blog post)
  • Print Lists for Catalog Entries with Variants
  • Build more types of collectibles such as Fossils or Stamps (at the moment you can add items to Whatever Else – where new Collectible Types get created an Admin will move the items over)
  • Combine some collectible types such as Model Cars and Model Racing Cars by adding an If functionality (here if the car raced show fields for driver, team, sponsors, races and racing number)
  • Tie fields to possible Subjects when entering data (so only show Duck Species when asking for Species in Decoys or only show Drivers when asking for a Driver for a Racing Car)
  • Allow auto-complete also for Sub Materials (currently typing “Pla…” shows Plastic but this does not yet work for Polystyrene which is a value under Plastic)
  • Separating Related Items on Catalog Entries by what they are (for example separate the Model Cars, Model Car Kits and Pedal cars on the Gremlin page under their own headers)
  • Make relationship-building easier (for example linking all models of the Ford Transit to the actual car)
  • Full revision history showing also what has been changed
  • Follow Catalog Entries (get a notification where there are changes)
  • More and better integration into other Social Media such as Facebook and Pinterest (like the recently released ability to create sales listings on Facebook)


  • Attributes like Catalog Entries have already (for example Drivers will have birth date, Nationality, Races wons, Teams etc as attributes); this would then also allow to filter Subjects
  • Better Galleries for Subjects
  • Toggle view (and much better performance for list views on Subjects with more than 100 items)
  • Print Lists for Related Catalog Entries
  • Full revision history showing also what has been changed
  • Follow Subjects (get a notification where there are changes)


  • Advanced Search searching description text
  • Sort search results by various fields such as name, date or country of production
  • Add quotation marks to search for “two or more words” appearing as a string
  • Add search only for Collectibles that are currently for sale
  • Searching for users’ profiles


  • Sort browse results by various fields such as name, date or country of production
  • Add Current Value as a filter
  • Make browse over collectible types with lots of entries such as cars faster (these can currently time-out)

Collection Management

  • Much better search over one’s collection
  • Quick stats showing statistics when doing a search (say showing how many models for the search “Mercedes-Benz” with details of Scales and other attributes)
  • Collection Statistics such as number of items, total value and total spend
  • Bulk actions (such as delete or make private)
  • Ability to create Sub Collections (say Comics and Action Figures or Vintage and New)
  • Offline access to collection management
  • Ability to print collection and export as CSV
  • Print-on-demand (for example select 12 images and be able to create a Christmas calendar)
  • Various museum related features such as “on display” lists, “wanted for an exhibition”list etc
  • Suggestions of items that fit your collection (based on collecting habits of other similar users). This will be optional


  • Separate Wishlist (which would be public) from Shopping List (which would be seen only by the user)
  • Ability to define required condition degree of the item and (if relevant) packaging as well as price range
  • Pre-order (“here is my offer of $60, valid for 3 month as long as the item is in at least Very Good condition”)
  • Ability to sort the items in one’s wish list and add a gallery view


  • Ability to build personal lists such as “My favourite 10 Corkscrews of all times” or “Best Convertibles Ever Built” and to share them
  • Follow lists

User Profile / Virtual Gallery

  • Ability to personalize profiles (what to show and how to show it, personal header - for more see this blog post)

Buying & Selling on hobbyDB

  • Best Offer
  • “Tempt Me”, allowing collectors to specify if other users can make offer for some of their collectibles
  • Auctions
  • More Pre-Order features 
  • Offer more currencies
  • Offer more payment options such as Bank Transfers in some European countries
  • Lots more in terms of seller and buyer tools such as a better dashboard, packing slips, more automated communication etc
  • Ability to print shipping labels
  • Negotiate great shipping terms for our sellers and integrate the provider/s into the site
  • Search for sellers
  • More sorting options in the store (such as the display order of items with store categories)
  • Adjust postage for groups of items at the same time (at the moment users can adjust single items or all of their items for sale)
  • Add more integration to Social Media such as Facebook and Pinterest

Buying & Selling on Custom Databases and Marketplaces

Besides a lot of the changes that we are introducing on hobbyDB such as more currencies we also plan to add these   –

  • More and better Categories
  • Ability for an owner of a Custom Database or Marketplace to make changes to her or his marketplace such as the header or logo (at the moment they can just ask us to make the changes)
  • Customizable Homepage for each Marketplace with the ability to add text, images and feature items

Private Messaging System

  • Send Folder
  • Archive
  • Ability to add Attachments

Forum / Blog Widgets

  • Allowing other websites to incorporate relevant information on their sites to share with their communities/readers

We like awesome features. We think you will too. Follow the links below to find out more for each.


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